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“The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Mission-driven educator, entrepreneurial leader, data-inspired changemaker

👋 I am an educator, entrepreneur and advocate for educational equity. I believe that access to a high quality education is a civil right, and I have made it my life‘s mission to help young people discover and unlock their own potentials. I am a lifelong learner, strategic thinker, and hard worker. I try to live both my professional and personal lives with joyfulness, gratitude, authenticity, humility, empathy, curiosity and a bias for action.

I’m happily married, no kids, fun uncle. I’m an avid reader, hiker, runner and traveler. I live in Boulder, Colorado (by way of Boston, NYC, Berlin, Buenos Aires and a few other fine places.)

My educational journey

🎓 I am an alumnus of the Broad Residency in Urban Education (2021), the Harvard Graduate School of Education (2018), Education Pioneers (2018) and Teach First Deutschland (2012), the German equivalent of Teach For America. I also hold undergraduate degrees in business administration from Reutlingen University and Dublin City University (both 2010) as well a German language teaching certification from the Goethe Institut (2016). In addition, I have completed various programs at the London School of Economics, La Sorbonne Paris, Copenhagen Business School, Columbia University’s Teachers College and others.

I am one of the first in my family to go to college and firmly believe that talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not.

My professional journey

I work on the nexus of education, technology and business.

➡️ I’m currently the Head of Strategic Partnerships and Ventures (as well as a Member of the Executive Board) at Klett Lernen und Information (KLI), a division of Klett Group.

✏️ A former teacher in the German public school system, I have worked for school districts and charter school management organizations in Berlin, New York City and Tulsa, Oklahoma where I started an early-college high school program, supported the launch of a virtual school and co-led the pandemic-response team.

🚀 I spent nearly a decade building and scaling education technology companies. In 2015, I co-founded eduki, which has become one of Europe's fastest-growing K12 edtech companies and currently serves 1m+ teachers across the continent. The leading online marketplace for teacher-generated educational resources in the German-speaking countries, we celebrate and harness the creative potential of educators by connecting them to a wider audience, allowing them to have an impact beyond their own classrooms, and empowering them to make the teaching profession more collaborative. I continue to be a partner and shareholder in the company.